Welcome to Online Registration for Smart Card

Complete procedure for your online registration is as follows:

  1. Click "Start Online Registration" to begin entering your details
  2. After your information is saved you'll download a PDF of the form along with three bank challans. You'll need to print the PDF.
  3. Get the form signed and stamped by your Chairman/Director.
  4. Pay the ICPC and Library Challans at HBL, MUET Branch. (Note: 17 Batch undergraduate students are not required to pay ICPC challan but only required to submit the 02 library challans)
  5. Get the form signed and stamped by the Central Library.
  6. Finally submit your form at ICPC personally. Your photograph will be taken and you'll be given acknowledgement receipt with expected card delivery date.
  7. Collect your smart card from your department.

Start Online Registration

Changes: You are no longer required to obtain bank challans prior to registration as they are now included in the online registration.

Note: If you have already obtained the challans from Department and Library, you don't require to print the online challans, simply the print of the form will suffice.